Disneyland : a dream outing
by chauffeured car

The Edenfar-cab.com online booking platform for chauffeured car and private transport services in the Ile-de-France region offers you a variety of solutions to get to Disneyland by chauffeured car, a place for the dreams of all children, both small and grown-up…

This tourist complex of over 20km² is located for the most part on the land around Chessy en Seine-et-Marne, thirty-two kilometres from Paris, and is composed of two theme parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios.

Our chauffeured car package for Disneyland

You can book your journey to Disneyland by chauffeured car directly online on Edenfar-cab.com, for either a traditional booking or to take advantage of our package deal if this formula works out more advantageous for you.

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